Our Company

API is a locally established, sole proprietorship Real Estate Developer dedicated to developing integrated urban communities and commercial spaces.

Our Vision

To be the best provider of quality residential and commercial properties with high-quality standards and value for money.


We are known for our credibility and reliability, a company that people can depend on to get things done, in a timely and excellent manner. We are committed to improve our products and services actively and continuously, to be proactive in looking for new ways to make the quality of living better for our tenants and stakeholders.

Personal Relationships

You can only feel at home if we do – that’s why we value our colleagues as much as we value ourselves. Our warmth, caring, and conscientious nature is contagious. From our residents, whether commercial or residential, to our communities no matter how big or small, stakeholders, business partners, and employees, our mindset will always be people and relationship-centric.


In an industry where it can often be lacking, we believe integrity is central to success. It’s about taking pride in what we do, never settling for “that’s good enough.” Word of honor is essential to us, and so when we say we’ll do something, we do it — no matter what it takes.

Our Philosophy

To create communities that fulfil potential

Community is the cornerstone of life; it’s the foundation of happiness, success and prosperity. At API, this mindset is at the very heart of everything we do - and has been from day one. Since 1985, we’ve been creating environments that give birth to flourishing communities; places where people thrive and where businesses prosper.

But this takes more than just bricks and mortar, and it takes more than just a landlord. It’s about putting people first, thinking about the small details that make big differences. It’s about being a partner to depend upon for life’s daily challenges, however great or small. Perhaps more than anything else, it’s about saying what we’ll do and doing what we say, so you can simply focus on you.

We exist to create communities that fulfil potential. Whether you’re a potential resident, partner or even employee, let API help you live your best life.

What We Do

To build communities crafted with genuine passion and a planned approach to living

Our communities reflect our passion for quality, intelligent design, and modern living.

API entered the UAE market during a pivotal period, ready for any challenges and withstood against giants in the competition. We are driven by our vision to go beyond the tenant and investors’ expectations. We provide quality homes and best-in-class services to meet the aspirations of new urban communities in their desire for a better lifestyle and quality of life.

We have created and delivered a substantial portfolio of developments and residential communities across the UAE.

We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations by delivering the right product mix in premium locations. Our world-class projects and the long-standing experience of our team makes us one of the most trusted companies in the country’s real estate industry today.